Escola de Cura is coming to Vitoria, Brasil 

We will be having an Escola de Cura in Victoria, Brasil from January 19 - 23.
This will be an exciting event with teaching on Healing, the Prophetic and the Fathers love.  Worship will be led by Nic Billman, Lucas Souza and Victor Viera.
The Sunday evening session is free and we will be praying for the sick every night.

Our call to Brasil 

When my wife and I were still dating, we attended a Global Awakening healing school.  We were both very eager to learn more about healing ministry and to minister healing more effectively.  It was there that we learned about Global's new school of ministry.  One year later, we were married and made the decision to move to Mechanicsburg to attend Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry.  I had worked in many countries over the years doing everything from construction projects to open air meetings.  Lize had experience working as a youth pastor.  Since our backgrounds were very different, we were excited to have the opportunity to spend two years learning and growing in ministry training together.

Reaching out to Curitiba 

Escola de Cura is located in the beautiful city of Curitiba, Brasil.  Curitiba is one of Brasil's most modern cities and has about 1.7 million residents.  There are many ultra modern malls and restaurants. This city is probably best known for its bus system which is considered one of the best in the world.  Even the city of Los Angelas is said to be modelling its new transit system after the bus system here in Curitiba.

There is also a dark side.  At night the street corners are populated with prostitutes who come from all over the country to work in a wealthy city.  Curitiba has a suprising number of transvestite sex workers.  While the favelas in Curitiba are not as big or as violent as the ones in Rio and Sao Paulo, they do exist and the people who live in them survive in tremendous poverty and are easily exploited by pretty much everyone.