Curitiba, Brasil - Escola de Cura

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Curitiba, Brasil - Escola de Cura

If you have ever wanted to learn more about Christian healing, now is your opportunity!  Escola de Cura will be hosting a 5 day event in the city of Curitiba, Brasil February 16th through the 20th.  The cost to attend is 30R$ and you can sign up at the door.  The Sunday evening session is free.  We will pray for the sick in every evening service.


Wednesday 7:30pm - Developing a Culture of Miracles

Thursday 7:30pm - TBA

Friday 7:30pm - Bringing the Kingdom into Everyday Life

Saturday 10am - Scriptural Basis for Healing

Saturday 3pm - Healers in Church History

Saturday 7pm -  Expressions of the Prophetic Gift (Including words of knowledge)

Sunday 10am - Advanced Prophetic Concepts

Sunday 3pm -  Understanding Dreams

Sunday 7pm - Overcoming 5 Obstacles to Healing


Igreja Do Evangelho Quadrangular Vila Americana
Rua Rancho Alegre, 250 - Sitio Cercado - Curitiba


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