Our call to Brasil

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Our call to Brasil

When my wife and I were still dating, we attended a Global Awakening healing school.  We were both very eager to learn more about healing ministry and to minister healing more effectively.  It was there that we learned about Global's new school of ministry.  One year later, we were married and made the decision to move to Mechanicsburg to attend Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry.  I had worked in many countries over the years doing everything from construction projects to open air meetings.  Lize had experience working as a youth pastor.  Since our backgrounds were very different, we were excited to have the opportunity to spend two years learning and growing in ministry training together.

During our time at Global, a missionary was speaking and gave an altar call for those who wanted to make a commitment to full time missionary service.  Lize and I responded together to make the commitment.  This was the first time that God was calling both of us to do something together.  How exciting!

At the beginning of school, we went on a Global ministry trip to Brasil.  We had a great time learning about the culture, eating at the churrsucarias and seeing some of the tourist attractions.  But what really impacted us was the hunger of the people who attended the meetings.  We saw many people being healed and filled with the Spirit.  Certainly Brasil is full of passionate people!  At that time we did not feel any special calling toward Brasil aside from God sharing with me His intention to bless the nation and cause it to rise as an economic and culturally influential power in the world.

As our two years of training was coming to a close, Lize and I began praying about where we might serve on the mission field.  We had received prophetic words from respected ministers that God was telling us that we could choose where we wanted to serve.  Being able to choose is a blessing and an honor but also carries the weight of knowing that God is watching to see if we choose well.  After much prayer and consideration, we decided to move to Brasil and help promote the new Global School of Ministry opening in Curitiba Brasil and start an itenerant ministry to teach healing and the prophetic.

With this goal in mind, we are launching "Escola de Cura".  This ministry is a resource for pastors and leaders who want the gifts of healing and prophecy released in their churches in a safe, theologically sound way.  Healing and prohecy are tremendous tools for reaching the lost and we want to equip churches with healthy strategies to imact their cities.

Already this year we have seen hundreds of people healed in our meetings and many saved.  Many of the healings were of conditions that were more than five years old.  God has faithfully opened many doors for us and we have been very grateful for the warm reception that we have received in churches here.  We are very excited to see what God will do next.